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Bergey XL1 Battery Charging
Bergey Windpower's newest product is the 1,000 Watt BWC XL.1.  The BWC XL.1 is currently available only
as a 24 VDC battery-charging system.  

With a rotor diameter of 2.5 meters (8.2 ft) and a peak output of approximately 1,300 watts the XL.1 is
intended for the off-grid home market in the U.S. and for rural electrification programs in developing
countries. It is also a perfect upgrade system for current owners of micro-turbines, such as the Air X or Air

The XL.1 combines a number of advanced technical features, including a completely new airfoil, to
provide the highest efficiency yet achieved in a small wind turbine at a cost of energy ~ 10% lower than the
current price leader.  And, the XL.1 carries the industry-leading Bergey 5-year warranty.  "We are very
excited about the XL.1.  We think customers are really going to like this machine"  notes Mike Bergey,
BWC's president.

click Here to see PDF of 1kw spec sheet!
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The XL.1 is an up-wind, horizontal-axis, three- bladed turbine.  The blades are pultruded fiberglass, a material that is over ten
times stronger than the injection- molded plastic used on most small wind turbines.  In fact, pultrusions have a breaking strength
exceeding 100,000 psi, which is twice as strong as normal steel.  "Just about any blade material will hold up in light to
moderate winds.  But, when the storms come, weak blades can put the whole system at risk."  And the new BWC SH3045 airfoil
makes the XL.1's blade probably the most efficient ever on a small wind turbine.   

The blades attach directly to a specially designed very-low-speed permanent magnet alternator which uses state-of-the-art
neodymium super- magnets.  "We have designed an oversized alternator that slows the rotor down and makes the turbine very
quiet."  Overspeed protection is provided by the proven BWC AutoFurl passive sideways furling system.  "In spite of the claims
otherwise, no other overspeed protection system has proven to be more reliable or effective than AutoFurl."     

The XL.1 includes the BWC PowerCenter controller which controls battery charging, has a low-end boost for superior low wind
speed performance, "slow-mode" rotor idling when the batteries are full, an electrical braking system, and even includes a 30 A
controller for the solar modules that are often a part of a complete hybrid system.  The PowerCenter allows an auxiliary or
"dump" load to be connected to utilize excess wind (and/or solar) power after the batteries are fully charged.

Low wind speed performance is greatly enhanced by a low-end-boost circuit that optimally loads the wind turbine down to wind
speeds as low as 5.6 mph (2.5 m/s).  Combined with the new blade system, this circuitry allows the XL.1 to produce useful power
more than 6,000 hours a year at a typical site.  For reference, a typical solar system produces power 3,500 hours a year at a
typical site.
Type:  3 Blade Upwind
Rotor Diameter:  2.5 m (8.2 ft.)
Start-up Wind Speed:  3 m/s (6.7 mph)
Cut-in Wind Speed:  2.5 m/s (5.6 mph)
Rated Wind Speed:  11 m/s (24.6 mph)
Rated Power:  1000 Watts
Maximum Power: ~ 1,300 Watts
Cut-Out Wind Speed:  None
Furling Wind Speed:  13 m/s (29 mph)
Max. Design Wind Speed:  54 m/s (120 mph)
Blade Pitch Control:  None, Fixed Pitch
Overspeed Protection:  AutoFurl
Gearbox:  None, Direct Drive
Temperature Range:  -40 to +60 Deg. C (-40 to +140 Deg. F)
Generator:  Permanent Magnet Alternator
Output Form: 24 VDC Nominal
Functional Features:  Low-End Boost, Slow-Mode, Electric Brake, 30A Solar Regulator, 60A Dump Load, Timed Battery
Equalization, Watt Meter Display Mode, Polarity Checker  
bergey xl 1 spec sheet