Steps to Getting a Turbine Installed

We at Angel Wind Energy are dedicated to helping you understand what it
takes to get a small scale wind energy project from idea to free electricity.

Here is the Basic Process:

  • Find out if you have enough wind
The majority of the wind turbines we sell need an absolute minimum of 10mph wind
speeds to make enough power for them to be a reasonable investment.

You can make a small investment in an Anemometer to discover your actual wind
speeds. Please look at our Power Predictor page for more information:

You can look at your local state wind map:

Or you can submit your information for a FREE Virtual Evaluation

  • Find out what your electric company(utility) has for Net Metering rules and
    interconnection standards.
Find out more on Net Metering and Interconnection Standards HERE.

  • Find out how much power you use in a year.
Make sure to account for any future plans you have and look at your bill to find
out how many kWhs you use in a given month/year and what you are paying.

  • Check and see what Zoning ordinances there are for your location.
You will need to contact either the county, township, or city/town zoning and planning
commission to find out what ordinances are in place, if any. The State of IL has a
master zoning ordinance that takes precedence over most local ordinances also.

  • Arrange for an on-site evaluation or do it yourself(for DIY installations ONLY)
On Site Evaluations-
The on-site evaluation will determine your actual wind speed at a variety of heights,
predominate wind direction on a month to month basis, where to site the turbine of
choice and what type of turbine will work in the location, estimated production numbers
and a price quote on a variety of turbines.

The normal on-site evaluation can be as little as $150.00 and will be deducted from the
cost of installation if you choose to install a turbine in the future by Angel Wind Energy
(making it virtually
free). The money covers wages, transportation, fuel, and the time to
talk honestly about wind energy and your needs. More detailed Analysis, or off-grid
system design will be $350-$500.00

If you choose to do it yourself, please gather all of the information from above, select a
tower site, fill out plot/site plan, identify where your power supply comes in/where your
meter is(and your breaker box), Installation quotes will be determined by site survey
and distances from tower to meter.

  • Apply for any necessary Building Permits and notify your utility that you are
    going to install a wind generator.
Make sure you fill out the paperwork completely, and ask us if you have any questions
prior to submitting any applications.

  • Now you are ready for installation
Depending on which brand and type of turbine you choose, installation will take 1 week
to 1 month. During this time the following will happen:
  1. Your foundation will be excavated, formed, and poured.
  2. Your trench will be dug and wiring run to your house/business
  3. Once the concrete has cured, the turbine and tower components will be delivered
  4. Final assembly and erection of the tower will take 1 to 2 days depending on tower type and
    height(site conditions/weather matter dramatically)
  5. Finally, a certified licensed electrician will wire your turbine to your home/business and
    commission your unit.

  • Maintenance
Most turbines require annual inspections. Some Turbines will require annual
maintenance/servicing(Endurance/Aerostar). For the Warranty Period, maintenance
work is covered free of charge on most units.

Warranties last from 2 -10 years depending on the model and brand. After the warranty
period, you may perform your own maintenance, repair as necessary, or opt for a
service contract at that time.

FREE Virtual Site Evaluations-

Click Here to send us an email about a Virtual Evaluation
when you fill out our email questionnaire. This allows you to get the basic knowledge of wind speed
predictions, zoning, interconnection standards, and turbine choices BEFORE you spend a dime!
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