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Introducing our
New Gaia Wind
11kw Induction
Generator Turbine
clients include working farms, educational institutions, large
home owners, offices and other commercial premises. To date,
there are over 200 worldwide Gaia-Wind installations,
representing over 1000 years of combined operational history.

Gaia-Wind turbines incorporate over 20 years of Danish wind
industry design experience and offer features that are usually
only found in larger, utility scale turbines. They include:

•Direct, Inverter-less grid connection with an asynchronous
induction generator
•Redundant safety systems that stops the rotor in excessive
wind conditions
•Low constant rotor speed for quiet and efficient operation
•Advanced controller that monitors and manages turbine
operation, performance, safety and power quality

Another outstanding feature of Gaia-Wind turbines is their
oversized rotor design. This allows the turbine to capture up to
80% more wind energy than other similarly rated equipment,
enhancing project economics and maximizing the return on your
investment. The large rotor also ensures optimum performance
in low to moderate wind speed regimes (10-12mph).

A Gaia-Wind turbine generating around 30,000 kWh of green
electricity per year, will offset around 17 tonnes of CO2
emissions from existing energy generation. This is sufficient to
bring the carbon footprint of the average four person household
back to zero (household energy use + car + air travel).

You can visit the  Website for more detailed
Gaia Wind Turbines are manufactured to the highest
standards by top employees in Denmark.
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