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Phone: 815-471-2020


Mail:     Angel Wind Energy
113 N Pine
Onarga IL 60955
At Angel Wind Energy, we sell a wide variety of products from all of
our distributors and manufacturers. The best selection in the Midwest!
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skystream 3.7
windspire in the capitol
air breeze
Other Products from Southwest Windpower
angel wind energy
proven energy
proven energy 3.2kw
gaia wind
raum energy certified
raum energy
gaia wind
aerostar 6 meter
bergey excel
northwind 100
100 KW On Grid
1.3 KW & 3.5 KW
On Grid/Off Grid
11KW On Grid
1 KW & 10 KW
On Grid/Off Grid
10 KW & 30 KW
On Grid
3.2 KW, 6kw & 15 KW
On Grid/Off Grid
500 W & 1 KW
Off Grid
200 W Off Grid
5 KW & 5.3 KW
On Grid
35 KW & 50 KW
On Grid
2.4 KW
On Grid
1.2 KW
On Grid
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