Services We Provide

We at Angel Wind Energy are dedicated to providing you the most cost
effective solution to the rising cost of electricity.

We specialize in the sales, service, and installation of small scale wind
turbines. Our turbines have state of the art technology that is designed to
minimize the cost of electricity for the average person, or small business.

We sell and install the largest selection of the Industry's Best turbines in the
Midwest and can find a turbine that will meet both your goals and budget
even if we do not carry it.

We are offering these products for sale to the public, farms, small business,
and anyone hoping to make a small investment in the betterment of their
Site Inspection
Knowledgeable advice
Personal service and help
For all of your personal or business wind power needs, you may contact us at
your convenience. Below you will find our email address and direct phone
number where you will talk to a real person, not a computer.

Some of our unique and best services include:

FREE Virtual Site Evaluations-

Click Here to send us an email about a Virtual Evaluation
when you fill out our email questionnaire. This allows you to get the basic
knowledge of wind speed predictions, zoning, interconnection standards, and
turbine choices BEFORE you spend a dime!

On Site Evaluations- The on-site evaluation will determine your
actual wind speed at a variety of heights, predominate wind direction on a
month to month basis, where to site the turbine of choice and what type of
turbine will work in the location, estimated production numbers and a price
quote on a variety of turbines.

The normal on-site evaluation can be as little as $150.00 and will be
deducted from the cost of installation if you choose to install a turbine in the
future by Angel Wind Energy(making it virtually
free). The money covers
wages, transportation, fuel, and the time to talk honestly about wind energy
and your needs. More detailed Analysis, or off-grid system design will be

For more detailed information, please contact us at:

or call  815-471-2020
Specific services

We perform site inspections to see which
type of wind turbine is right for you

We offer a complete installation service with
consultation. We will work with you every
step of the way in order to reduce
headaches and provide you with the easiest,
most affordable solution to reducing your
electricity costs.

We will help you to plan out what steps are
necessary to purchase and install your
personal wind turbine.

All of our products are top of the line, and
installed by professionals that have the
experience and training necessary to
provide your turbine with the best output
possibilities and the least amount of

Our products carry a comprehensive 5 year
warranty if installed by Angel Wind Energy.
In addition to warranty work, we also provide
other maintenance contracts/schedules.

Our goal is to provide you with the
old-fashioned way of doing business. You
talk to real people and get real answers to
your questions.

We even offer financing and Insurance
options depending on the turbine you are
looking at.

Give us a call today!
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